Kampala, Uganda, 2008

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This year I worked with In Movement to renovate the KAYDA orphanage, and paint a mural on the walls outside the community hall. The theme for this year is ‘environment’ so it was a perfect chance for them to express their thoughts and ideas about where they lived. KAYDA is home for over 40 children in one of the most dangerous slums in Kampala. The kids drew pictures of improvements they would like to see at their home. We made a collage of their images and painted the mural. Then we renovated each of the four, shared bedrooms, cleaning and repainting their rooms and purchasing shelving to store their personal belongings.

By some weird miracle my brother was in town on tour!!! He came by to meet the kids and the band donated some cash to the project! Thanks also to Chris at Sadolin Paints, teachers at Mackerere University, AK, In Movement, and all the kids and staff at Kayda Orphanage.