The Orishas from La Coiffure

Hair is a symbol of instinct, of female seduction and physical attraction. … Hair flowing depicts freedom and looseness.  Black hair significant for me,  has been an integral feature of black history – which, in the 60’s to current times is a symbol of empowerment, rebellion and pride.

‘The Orisha’s’ are African deities from the Yoruba tradition (Nigeria). When Africans were dispersed around the globe they took their religions with them.  These deities have shifted and morphed and been appropriated in the Carribbean, South America, North America and Europe.

The past seven years has been a journey into my own identity, being of mixed heritage I have both Celtic and African Ancestors. I wanted to create a space in the world of art the African Diaspora of Goddesses. A perfect contrast to the Euro-centric history of Art, where I was educated as an artist. The Orisha’s are a reminder of the power and pride I have inherited from a rich mixed culture of diversity, magic and color.

Several of the paintings are available for sale.

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