The Cunnicle, De Young Museum

San Francisco, 2006

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I was the artist in residence at the De Young Museum, in January 2006. During this residency I set up a ceramic studio in the Kimball Education gallery and began work to construct “The Cunnicle” an 11x10x10 ft earth structure that represented a womb – in which were planted our seeds, hopes and dreams for the future.

Visitors to the museum during the residency were invited to participate either in the building of the mud structure and /or by making small clay effigies that were planted in alter spaces carved into the interior walls. A total of 25 people became involved in the building of “The Cunnicle.” Over 100 children made sculptures and planted them into the interior.

On the final night of the residency I was given the opportunity to give a talk to the general public, Renee Baldocchi, the program director, introduced me as “..the artist who has most successfully accomplished our vision for what our artist-in- residency program should provide for visitors to the De Young Museum”. I discussed the process and importance of community participation in the arts. The project was televised on KQED Spark “New Beginings”.

Check out my Cunnicle Project as shown on Spark (TV):