Save the Children: Port Au Prince

Haiti, 2010

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Above image.

St Jean, one of the artists I had the pleasure to work, with came from the Saint-Soleil school of Haitian Painting.

Thanks to Gloria Simoneaux I worked for Save the Children on an art therapy project in Haiti, called HEART, healing and education through art. My first trip was in April 2010, when things were starting to settle down and more structure for programs like this one could be put in place.

I worked on developing a program specifically for the Haitian artists who were requested to participate in the project. Some of them were already employed with a group set up by the first lady of Haiti, called Plac Timon (which means children’s place in Kreol). This was a well funded program, and really well organized, cos they had TONS of cash, as it turns out there was a exhibition of this work at the Smithsonian, and Michelle Obama went to see one of their projects. Get details about the earthquake in Haiti.

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