Nkimadams Dreaming of a White Christmas

I took a great workshop in procrastination with a group of fellow students. It was interesting to see how we all have our own unique forms of procrastination. We all had different but clever tactics to make sure we either don’t get our work completed on time in an organised fashion and to the best of our ability.

Fear of Failure
Not being good enough
Not perfect enough
Fear of Success
The core of these issues, we were told by our calm, and compassionate analyst, stem from issues of self esteem.

Procrastination in my case comes from having too much work to do and not being able to focus in, chaos playing havoc. I think the route cause for me is a lack of balance and a capacity to focus.
When I focus in I realise it doesn’t take as much time to organise as I had feared, and a little of everything goes a long way.

Planning and visualising are also important to get things organised and relieve the internal chaos.

Nkimadams Dream of Sin

In my special project process, I’m really enjoying the organic nature, being able to be flexible, testing and trying things and getting realistic about what is actually possible (in order to meet an essay deadline).

I did not receive funding from the Arts Council, though they said I met all the criteria… so I guess I’m just an unknown, and may have asked for too much. Now I have to be twice as  resourceful, and pay attention to how I am spending my time more wisely. Procrastination just isn’t an option at this point.


NKimadams  Star of Bethlehem

I am drawn to this image as a symbol of my own procrastination, paralysed (this person is actually a dead soldier) I am unable to reach the potential star above.