Nkimadams The Vitruvian Man

I didn’t receive any funding from the arts council, althought they said they proposal met all the criteria there was just too much competition for funds.

I asked them to send me a list of the projects that were funded and a list of the secondary criteria they use after all the proposals have met the first.
Nikadams Green Ball Express

I must have asked for too much money, and they don’t know me (know track record).

I have to make the project happen, I several great groups of people who are expecting me to give a series of workshops. I have to explain what the new circumstances are (everyone knew I might not get funding) and adjust the scope of the project and get people who can to chip into the materials and other in kind offerings to make it happen.
I’m not sure if 22 years in the US has given me my think big attitude or if I’ve always had it, People warned me, it was a big project to take on, and now it’s a big project with no funding!
Ha Ha ….
Nkimadams Unwavering Balance


Lets see what my thinking big has got me.
·      A lot more work but also a lot more experiences working in this type of action research.
·      Knowledge of the subtle complexities of the Tottenham community
·      Great groups of enthusiastic organisations and community members who see the important of art activities.
·      New and important connections for future work in London and in this community in particular.
·      A new focused workshop plan on ‘Personal geographies’ for my future practice in community work.
As I have been working with each group I have had to be flexible to make sure the project meets any specific goals of focus they have.  Now that I don’t have to follow the agenda set forth in my original proposal, and I have a more clear sense of what each of these groups wants, AND I have had time to reflect more on the core of the project -community art-, I have been able to focus in on the main themes. Self-portraits and Mapping.
Nikadams    Buddah Mind

Over time I’ve learned the value of being flexible, to accommodate the needs of the participants. This is a core skill for my practice.

The bottom line is I just want to see as many people making art in their communities as possible.
The trick is to be flexible enough to offer those involved a ‘bespoke’ spoonful of sugar to help make the medicine go down.