The womb of creativity aka my office

It seems this is a constant struggle for me- a work in progress.

It takes a lot of time and energy and it constantly shifts and changes.

It drives me mad to be honest because it’s so necessary in the world of getting things done, but its not my nature to be organised. (see previous post in which i refer to chaos as a necessary ingredient for creativity).
New ideas are added, alternative plans must be created around conflicts in other peoples schedules or your own depending on how well you can manage your own life. My diary is not a neat digital plan of the future as my husbands is, it’s a hand written messy little book that is hard to make any sense of down the line when I’m in a hurry to get out the door for a meeting.

Back to the drawing board I go for an alternative method of how to be organised.
Its a very personal thing, its a daily practice.

Celestial Yoga Nkimadams

Reflecting on it is useful, though it takes time, its time well spent if the end result is a more clear plan.
Rather than writing for an assessment now that I have had time to let the information and process sink in I see how important and useful reflective practice can be for me.

Now I ‘get it’ I can start to come up with some useful guidelines for moving forward with my special project in Tottenham.

As the project dates are mounting I realise its time for a re organise  my office, a new calendar of events and a timeline and a new contact list. All of course hand made in bright colourful day glow felt pen designs.

Next I need to create an evaluation, review my goals and expected outcomes for the project.
A contract for work or scope of work would also probably be useful for smooth running of the workshops. Onward with more pulling rabbits out of hats……

The Production Line Nkimadams

Re reading my essay notes has been useful. This morning I came across this one, from Thompson’s book on Reflective practice (see previous reference)
She suggests making an objective tree and then asking a series of why questions regarding challenges that might arise from the process.

Also a little bit on Risk and Uncertainty, the opposite of organisation and planning?

Throughout the year there has been an emphasis on how its necessary to make mistakes for the participants in the creative process, so shouldn’t that also be the case for the facilitator?

YES YES, plan as much as you can for the best possible outcome, but being flexible enough to make a mistake and own it can be as valuable for the facilitator as to the participants.

After all, life is a creative process.

Fire Bird Nkimadams