I do not own an iPhone so any mapping is done at home with an A-Z of London and my notebook.

Over the course of the past few months doing research in Tottenham, I’ve generated many had drawn maps to find my way to meetings.

As part of my project will involve exploring memory maps as well as regular maps I though it would be fun to share them. I like the hand drawn simplicity of these functional little information bytes.
I’m quite familiar with the lay of the land there now, not just geographically but also politically, who is doing what where etc.

I particularly like this one with the Moselle river in blue

I plan on putting all the maps together and make a map of artistic activities in Tottenham by whom, when and where.

I enjoy making maps because they are visual symbols of space and place.

Beltane time to cast a spell…. very important to remember!

I like looking at maps as a mystery to be solved, navigation tools, labyrinths, discovery

Yes this one is from a  meeting I had today with Art4Space who I will be collaborating with this summer at Bruce Grove