VirtueVision Voyages: Design


I’m impressed with the old colonial Victorian homes and buildings, with their beautiful attention to detail. Reminds me of New Orleans.
The modern downtown skyline is ugly, with horrible 80’s architecture, the crowning glory of which is the Sky Tower. Not unlike the one in Seattle. We ate dinner when we first arrived looking down on the sprawling city of Auckland.

Maori architecture is simple refined and elegant, with incredible carvings. This type of traditional housing is not used by Maori today. However, there are large Wharahui constructed for ceremonial purposes. This is a sacred place to be treated with great respect.

There is a European influence for sure, but here in the south pacific there is also a unique hybrid style, its more sophisticated, I like it. I’m particularly inspired by their current clothing design, and some historic design, that has a striking south pacific influence. I found a company called Native Agent, check it out, it has a funky combination of old European army uniforms and Maori design.

Examples of just everyday things that sort of demonstrate what i’m talking about.

Everything is more expensive, second hand clothes cost more than clothes I purchase new. The displays in stores are so well put together, I’m having to try really hard not to buy.