Virtue Vision Voyages Travel Essentials #1 Good shoes

Good shoes are the basis of a pleasant trip, where ever you decide to go make sure you have one good pair to walk around in. The black shoes are my latest Clark’s ‘unstructured’ they are BRILLIANT. (i grew up wearing Clark’s).

The pink fluffy slippers i bought here at ‘The WareHouse’ (sort of like target in USA.. but even cheaper and worse quality)- A MUST for a girl who feels the cold and is staying in a place with tile floors. I love that they look like cakes, they are very cheap and very warm.

My feet are shown here covered in white paint from two days assisting artist Lauren Lysaght.
The little pumice brush at the top is essential for travel away from home. It has seen better days in Africa….but keeps my feet looking photo worthy, and fits easily into the bathroom bag.