Virtue Vision Voyages Art Adventure

Lauren Lysaght is an old friend and nationally acclaimed artist here in NZ. Ihad the great pleasure to assist her at her home and studio in Helensville, northwest of Auckland.
Her dog, Dame Edith Sitwell is a star, I love pugs.

This is the ‘Sacred Apron’ it’s a great honor to be able to wear it. LOVE that badge….And this is a great shot of my beautiful greenstone necklace, its jade from NZ.
She is an amazing cook, so i was well fed in exchange for my hard work. I wish i had an assistant like me!!!

Her partner Janet is extremely well read, and we had a great time discussing the politics of sexuality and race in NZ. Lauren asked “what could be better than being a single mother, lesbian who is disabled?’
I said, “being a black, lesbian, disabled, single mother’.

We talked about the resurgence of the gollywog, (she is a collector of fine New Zealand folk art) and had a few weird black dollies in the guest house where i slept. She decided she was going to make some ‘honky gollies’ or was it ‘honky wogs???’