The Mandala of Time      Nkimadams

Timing  is everything

Knowing when to act and when to sit back and wait or give myself and others space + time.

During our reflective practice intensive week I realised everyone has a  different sense of time and timing. I’m much more of a go for it get it done sense of timing, I noticed there was another person in our group that had the same attitude.

It seems in this busy chaotic world everyone is so focused on the little square of ‘to do’s ‘ under their noses.

Planet Picker nkimadams

Fortunately my timing for some things in Tottenham have been just right, and for others I just have to wait, in a holding pattern, I guess you just have to sense when it’s time to push and be the squeaky wheel and when it’s better to back off and let people make their own decisions and work through the ‘to do’ list.

Behind the scenes there are several council committees discussing the plans for Tottenham. The regeneration process is a large slow animal upon which more and more potential partners are vying to get on board, its a financially lucrative endeavour and those who can benefit seem to be bent on keeping it to themselves. Unless you are part of some organisation or group it seems there is little way to get a leg up. There will be a tipping point that sends the cumbersome beast rolling down the hill.

 Deer Lady Nkimadams

This is a good time to consider how to approach this project. Do I become the limited company? Do I become and employee or contract worker for an existing organisation?

In order to work with the council there is an affiliation process, for organisations to contract with them. There is also the possibility of just volunteering. It seems that is something that every one is a bit in the dark about so I have to wait for the right time to push that agenda.

I did have my first DBS check, It was carried out by the Homes for Haringey group, and trying to get the certificate from them was a challenge. Ploughing through bureaucracy is not my forte, and the idea of becoming an organisation is again- put aside for another time.

Waiting to hear from those who are not sure, those who are on vacation and those who like me have been ploughing through their ‘to do’ lists.

Map of the Soul Nkimadams