Pleasant Surprises

My Tenacity has paid off in several situations-

my impatience has caused a few people to feel threatened and go into retreat, or of course they just thought I was a brassy yank they didn’t want anything to do with.
As I said before patience is a work in progress. Ironic as my name is Virtue.

Flying Tigers           nkimadams

I get frustrated when confronted by a lack of competence or ‘it’s not my problem’ attitude, or simply – I don’t care, from people in a position of power, or that could really affect change. I often wonder how they got their jobs, and who hired them???

Society and  the humans that make it up, are full of a complex set of power plays.
Paolo Friere

and Michel Foucault come to mind, because I’ve been reading their work and am intrigued by their theories of human relationships with regards to power.

Paulo Friere

Friere’s theory is that as soon as the oppressed steps into a role of power they then have the potential to become the oppressor. Foucault theorised that power is a network- passed on from person to person, each one passing along a set of behaviours that can also keep them oppressed.

Michel Foucault

However, on the bright side, the enthusiasm of other people and willingness to trust has proven that most people are trying really hard to do their jobs in challenging circumstances. People have offered space materials, and time to support the Phoenix Project, letters of support have come from the council and Tottenham Hotspur foundation, as well as Project 2020 and Haringey 6th form centre. 
I just have to trust that whatever happens it will be good and be open to receiving more pleasant surprises.

Prayer    Nkimadams