Memorable Meals Intensive Week

Having just lost all the text I posted for this post I now realize you cannot make a post in the blog alone.  So one more thing added to the to-do list.
Trial run of memorable meals group mural activity with classmates
Our intensive practice week started on day 3 for me, and I was returning from California refreshed and ready to go. I had missed what sounded like an uncomfortable group ‘choosing’ process, which sounds like it would have been interesting.
As I said in my last post I feel that I have a good balance between the controller/promoter and the clown/nurturer/supporter that Phil Mullen talked about in our seminars. A skill I continue to work on, that has been useful, and that I noticed I do utilize when working in groups.
As I don’t have a problem being put in a group, and am confident and flexible enough in my practice to work with what ever comes up- some other good skills when working with the public- I was happy to land in the middle of three other amazing brilliant skilled art practitioners, with different skills to my own, who had pretty much established what the theme of the week was going to be.
I realised that having time away from ‘thinking’ about my work and the action of facilitating another group of people in an expressive arts workshop, solidified the need to digest information before I can really comprehend what is happening.
Having a positive frame of mind seemed to also affect my fellow artists in the group.
As we clarified what we wanted to do, we were spurred on by Sarah and Phil at every chance- Why are you doing this?
The Why are you doing this? question was a great way to then hone in on exactly what we should be doing to fulfil the why objectives.
I recall one of my first sessions in which we discussed the conditions necessary for creativity.
My suggestions were:
Dave Adams 2006