End of an Era

 Images from the HorroVacui exhibition at the Pence Gallery. 

 I just finished my first Renegade craft show experience in LA. 

It was a blast to hang out with Linda Fahey and spend a good amount of time processing the pro’s and cons of craft fairs. 

Renegade craft show is just another craft show, with all the same pro’s and cons.  I won’t be applying there again. 
I closed my etsy shop, as its just as easy for me to post images for free and send out to my mailing list from flickr, and I might say, a lot less work. 

I’m leaving California in September to return to the UK for personal reasons.  It’s the end of an era, as I close down my ceramic studio at Ruby’s clay studio, and head back to old blighty. 
I’m looking forward to culture shock as I head into the London creative scene, with a place in a community arts course at Goldsmiths. 

I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. 
Stay in touch.