Dwellings for the Divine.

Barbara Vanderbeck and Sharon Virtue join forces for another star spangled show of Alters and Shrines for the divine. October 20th – November 1st

Come and celebrate Samhain, Hallow’een and Day of the Dead with us, at this time the veils between the spirit world and our world are thin…

Ruby’s Clay studio
552 A Noe Street SF CA 94117.
Gallery open daily from 11- 7pm

phone 415 437 1642
Closing reception is on Hallows Eve…..October 31st from 4-8pm we are going to be in costume and hosting our reception early so that you can spend the rest of the witching hours at your leisure….. Please join us it is guaranteed to be a beautiful night.

I plunged right into this work upon my return to Haiti, put up a painting show at Esalen, and have not had time to come up for air until “Dwellings for the Divine” is in the gallery.
then i’m off on another Virtue voyage to Ghana… so not sure when i’ll be posting again… but have to do this for the update on the Web page…. so here goes another fantastic something…. Hope to see you there.