Collective Creative Writings

Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted witty, even surreal portraits composed of fruits, vegetables, fish and trees

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Here are the collective poems created in the Memorable Meals project.

Cream tea jammy family
In my kitchen I smell porridge
I’m warm and happy
Yellow and cream passion mango
I’m warm and happy
Ripeness fruity
Cream tea jammy family

Sweet sticky fingers
I remember the taste of the sweetness of porridge
Sweet sticky fingers
Melting icecream on the beach
Sweet sticky fingers
Feeling loved, happy and content

Mumbled conversation echoed over the beach shore.
Children laughing and scoffing seasalt and icecream running down our cheeds. Hmmm sweet sticky fingers.
Sea beats against their skin.
Sunglasses on sunbathing.
Sand castle bucket and spade. Washing
Over the shore

My mum had just cooked dinner for my family which mostly weren’t related to me by blood but more of a collection of random people who love each other.
I can feel the texture of smooth mashed potato with salty butter and can hear Blondie singing Sunday Girl on the radio.
The sun is shining yellow through the window and the chitter chatter and the colour from the sun reminds me of people talking at the beach. I close my eyes and I can almost hear the sound of the sea.

Walk up dune river falls
Water flowing down my skins
Reggae and afro beat playing
Smell of fried fish
And bread fruits roasting.
Out of tune choir practice in the background.

Mum and me laughing we are happy and free. We are in Jamaica where there is warmth from sunlight. Orange blue green yellow and brown, onions frying. The seaside and fresh air sea salty air. At the river family talking slurping dribbling.

In the sweet bright California light
The breadcrumbs run through my fingers.
I hear silence, then my spoon around  the dish.
Linda McCartney’s sausages remind me of my mum,
My family, my ktchen, Walsham road.
I am anxious, salty, happy and herby.