Beltane 2012 Releasing the Wildness Inside Us

I have developed a much needed workshop that I have been teaching at Esalen called Releasing the Wildness Inside Us.

The Wildness workshop includes a taster of many different forms of art. Painting, drawing, singing, dancing and some somatic body work, Qi Gong and Yoga. I am also using some of the techniques I used while practicing art therapy in Haiti in 2010.

My experiences as a teacher have shown me that a lot of people are afraid of ART!
My experiences in the world have shown me that if there is anything we need more right now its ART!

This workshop is in a weekend format, so its accessible to more people who want to explore tapping into and channeling their creative spirit, creativity is a part of being a human. We just loose sight of it as we mature into adulthood, and tell ourselves we are no longer artists.

We are reconnecting to the child within and remembering how to play again, without fear of the judgement of others or ourselves..

It is a deeply moving and powerful experience for those who attend. I love teaching it and I love seeing those who come with apprehension, leave with stars in their eyes.