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Virtue Vision Voyages Art Adventure

Lauren Lysaght is an old friend and nationally acclaimed artist here in NZ. Ihad the great pleasure to assist her at her home and studio in Helensville, northwest of Auckland.Her dog, Dame Edith Sitwell is a star, I love pugs. This is the ‘Sacred Apron’ it’s a great honor to be able to wear it. […]

Virtue Vision Voyages History

Painting by Shane Cotton- “Sweet as eh???”(kiwi expression, similar to ‘awesome’). A brilliant Polynesian navigator called Kupe in 950AD discovered Aotearoa. His people are said to have returned there in 1350AD. There were not many mammals; most of the birds were flightless. There were other people living here, the Morioris, or Moa hunters, the Maoris […]

Virtue Vision Voyages Travel Essentials #1 Good shoes

Good shoes are the basis of a pleasant trip, where ever you decide to go make sure you have one good pair to walk around in. The black shoes are my latest Clark’s ‘unstructured’ they are BRILLIANT. (i grew up wearing Clark’s). The pink fluffy slippers i bought here at ‘The WareHouse’ (sort of like […]

Virtue Vision Voyages. Aotearoa.

I took a trip to the Auckland Museum, an anthropology museum in the Domain, a large park in the center of town. This is a Weta the heaviest insect in the world. I have seen them, they are BIG. Charles Frederick GoldieGoldie’s work has been criticised as “racist”, and certainly he held the Victorian attitudes […]

Virtue Vision Voyages

This image of a fern growing is so quintessentially Aotearoa/New Zealand for me. The Maori people call it a Koru, and it is a symbol of new life. When I first came here, that’s exactly what I began, now I’m back to start another new life.I took these photos on ‘lovers walk’ through the Domain, […]

this is not as easy as you think.

i have come to the realization that i am not cyber savy.i can never remember the stupid pass words or what my username is.can anyone give me some tips on how to keep your cyber blogger, website, etsy flicker account organized?

thank god i remembered my pass word…. i’m in.i just found Mirna’s list… she has accomplished all the wonderful generosity of spirit that i had all the good intentions to share about finding grants and funding for the arts. good on ya mirna. Now i can just direct everyone to your site and blog…..its 2 […]

In the begining……

I have some extra time on my hands, and have been wanting to do this for some time, as I find it fascinating that so many people have blogs, read blogs…. blog blogs… I am now entering the world of the blog.