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Haiti and New studio space.

I have been working for Save the Children in Haiti, and its amazing how much that work impacted the rest of my psychic space.. i feel like I’m just coming out the other end of it…. only to head back again in September.there is so much to tell about Haiti…. so that will come later […]

VirtueVision Voyages: Design

Design I’m impressed with the old colonial Victorian homes and buildings, with their beautiful attention to detail. Reminds me of New Orleans. The modern downtown skyline is ugly, with horrible 80’s architecture, the crowning glory of which is the Sky Tower. Not unlike the one in Seattle. We ate dinner when we first arrived looking […]

VirtueVision Voyages: Northlands

The Northlands Did someone say Hobbit? This is the land of the hobbit. We made our epic 5-day voyage, up the west coast stopping at one of the last surviving Kauri forests. Kauri trees are native to New Zealand, the wood was prized by all, but the Europeans took it to the brink of extinction. […]

VirtueVision Voyages Little Black Sambo

The influence of the British is undeniable. They speak English, drive on the left side of the road, eat fish and chips, play cricket and have high tea at 4pm with scones and jam, put the queen on their cash (I haven’t seen any Maori on the cash yet) and the old folk still wear […]

Virtue Vision Voyages Travel Essentials #2

New Zealand has a huge hole in the Ozone above it. The light is extremely intense. Sunscreen is a must. A good hat, and sunglasses. A raincoat, that rolls up to fit in a small pack. A small pack to carry your great tiny digital camera and refillable, reusable water bottle (make sure its stainless […]

Virtue Vision Voyages Devonport Day out

We went to the North Shore on the ferry to a little harbor village called Devonport. Getting out of the city we recognize what an incredible beautiful and green country this is. The down side is that we are both miserable with hay fever and allergies. Claritin can’t bust our sneezing fits and itchy eyes. […]

Virtue Vision Voyages Food

This was the first store I found around the corner from Annabels in Auckland, selling organic treats and amazing hot chocolate. This brought back scary moments from my youth in England. Fortunately was never made to eat spam, but we ate plenty of corned beef. I have managed to stay away from the chocolate, but […]

Virtue Vision Voyages Language

Maori is the name of the people and the language still spoken by some of the original inhabitants of Aotearoa. Maori was not a written language until the Brits arrived. History was oral, with lots of songs and chants; most Maoris can recite their ancestral lineage, which is considered extremely important. NG is pronounced as […]

Virtue Vision Voyages Auckland.

Auckland is nestled in the Northeast of the North Island, and is surrounded by water and other Islands. This is volcanic land, and it’s a green hilly city of lots of parks and trees.After a visit to the Auckland Museum you will have a general understanding of this fairly new land. The museum is in […]